The representatives of the Protestants was not included in the new composition of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation

%title%Moscow, September 28. President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday signed a decree on approval of members of Public chamber of the Russian Federation, reports "Interfax-religion".In the list of members of the house, approved by the presidential decree, in particular, became the head of the Synodal Department for Church and society Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the first Deputy Chairman of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, mufti of Moscow and Central Russia Albir Krganov, the President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Alexander Boroda, the representative of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia in Moscow Andrey Bashirov.In accordance with the law "About Public chamber of the Russian Federation", the President determines and approves nomination of 42 citizens of the Russian Federation as members of the OP, and then invites them to proceed to the formation of the whole house.Members of the OP approved by the President, decide on the membership of the house of 42 representatives of Russian public associations - one representative of the public Association.Then OP members approved by the President, together with representatives of Russian public associations adopted in the members of the house make a decision about admission to this body of 42 representatives of inter-regional and regional public associations.The term of office of members of the PC will expire after three years from the date of the first plenary meeting. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Matvienko has refused to choose between Putin and Medvedev: both are good

The Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko held on Monday at Smolny annual press conference, during which she had to answer a number of pressing questions of journalists, in particular on the controversial construction project "Okhta-the centre", about illegal migrants, about the upcoming elections and their sympathizers in the ruling "tandem".Answering the question: "are You for Putin or Medvedev?" - Matvienko said: "I am comfortable to work with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. And myself and another fan of the city and provide support"."I dislike the very posing of this question, - quotes the Governor of the website "Fontanka". - No need to look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there. There is neither black nor grey, and no one ran. Nothing to write to journalists? But I have to answer this question, otherwise you will say that I leave from the answer. Читать полностью -->

The speech of the opposition in the Duma a manifestation’’funny democracy’’ in Russia

Ilya YashinAuthor: Egor Vinogradov, MoscowEditor: Gennady TemnikovThe performance of party leaders that did not appear in Parliament, from the rostrum of the State Duma representatives of non-systemic opposition and experts believe the farce. According to observers, this will play into the hands of the current government.For the first time in the history of the Russian policy of the party that did not pass in the Duma had the right to speak in Parliament. Friday, 10 December, the leaders of the "Patriots of Russia", "Right cause and Yabloko ascended to the podium to Express their views on the topic of labour law and pension reform.Another decoration in the Potemkin village of Russian politicsProminent Russian political scientist, Director of the Agency "PR-3000" Stanislav Radkevich believes that this is a pure formality. "Obviously, this is an administrative action, formal action," said Radkevich in an interview with Deutsche Welle. - No real participation of these political parties in political life is not accepted, and because their leaders once rise to the rostrum of the state Duma, absolutely nothing will change.". . Читать полностью -->

Putin breaks the law On elections of the President of the Russian Federation, so its authorised representatives refused to trust

Natalia MarchenkovaCandidates and the Russians would like to see Vladimir Putin at the debatePresidential candidates Sergey Mironov and Mikhail Prokhorov yesterday refused to participate in the electoral debates with the authorized persons of Vladimir Putin. His decision not to accept personal participation in debates negatively assessed and more than half of respondents surveyed by the Levada center, Russians. Experts believe that the decision by Mr Putin's decision not play any role for him, as the audience of his confidants lies inside the audience by Putin himself.According to article 52 of the law On elections of the President of the Russian Federation, candidates can participate in the debate only personally, but their proxies, to participate in election campaigns are not allowed. An exception may be made only by driving to the circumstances: illness or performance of official duties.The presidential candidate from just Russia Sergei Mironov said yesterday that to debate with proxies is not ready. He noted that to ask questions personally to Putin refuses. A similar statement was made and the independent candidate Mikhail Prokhorov. Читать полностью -->

Gaining momentum the restriction of freedoms on the Internet

Joseph Menn | Financial TimesAccording to the analysis of the situation in 37 countries international non-governmental organization Freedom House came to the conclusion that the authorities are increasingly being introduced in the world wide web and infringe on the freedom of the Internet. The report, according to the Financial Times, will be presented today. The last time this document was published in 2009 based on data from 15 States. Since then some countries have pioneered Internet content under political control", and "those who have previously had limited access, redoubled their efforts, resorting to new tools and bureaucratic measures." Most of the newly included in the review countries showed a negative trend", the article says.Russia, according to the authors of the report, experiencing a crackdown and, along with Thailand, Jordan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, is at risk - in 2011-2012 there likely regress, Freedom House warns. Internet in Russia is still "the last relatively uncensored platform for debate", and in the last two years the number of users has increased, however, there is an "erosion of freedoms". In addition to the "blocking of opposition websites," beating "online journalists", DDoS attacks, detention of bloggers (11 for 17 months) and promotion of "United Russia" with the help of employed users, the document referred to the cases of removal of certain content providers on a call from law enforcement agencies. Читать полностью -->

Bloomberg has named the winners and losers from the decline in energy prices

Analyst firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance found out which country has won and what lost in the Wake of falling oil prices in 2 times since June of last year.Oil prices fell about 50% in comparison with June 2014, and this decline has significantly affected the world economy. In December 2014 the international monetary Fund predicted that cheap energy will increase global GDP by 0.7%.However, these benefits are distributed unevenly in the world. According BNEF, USA, European and Asian countries received about 900 billion profit from the sale of oil, while Russia and the Middle East have lost 218 357 billion and billion respectively.The USA, despite losses in the oil sector, were in positive territory due to cheaper transportation and production costs, and appeared in the list of those who cheap oil is profitable, getting an additional 180 billion.Much more won Europe (300 billion) and the countries of Asia, such as China and India (393 billion). All the winners were in positive territory from the reduction in energy prices for 900 billion dollars.I believe we have entered an era of low oil prices in the medium and long term, says Michael Lebrecht, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. - We have cheap oil, cheap gas, cheap renewable energy. We live in the years when supplies of these resources are not limited.We will remind, on April 15 the price of a barrel of Brent was over $ 60. Читать полностью -->

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